How to Attract Shoppers With Wow-Factor Window Displays


Regardless of the skills of your salespeople, the attraction of your products and the charisma of your sidewalk spruiker, when it comes to attracting shoppers, a killer window display should be your first port of call. Indeed, window displays can serve multiple functions. They are designed to capture the imagination of the people passing by your shopfront and instil a sense of wonder, enthusiasm and urgency for potential customers to enter your store. Here, we bring you the ins and outs of creating striking window displays that are sure to boost foot traffic within your retail outlet.

The Fundamentals

The look, feel and purpose of your window display certainly depends on the outlet you run and the type of customers you’re looking to attract. For example, the window display for a high-end fashion retailer will likely look a little different to that of a gardening equipment store. That being said, there are some basics fundamentals in window display design that translate across various industries.

For example, it’s important to have quality lighting, a creative arrangement and a display that is updated frequently – no matter what it is you’re selling. Remember, originality and circulation is key. By regularly changing your window display, your products are always seen to be fresh and appealing. This help entice returning customers back into the store and attract those shoppers who have previously walked on by.

Set the Scene

One of the most important elements in window display design is creating an evocative sense of scene. For example, an outlet that specialises in beachwear might consider adding details like sand, pineapples, umbrellas, a beach ball or a sun lounge to create atmosphere and aspiration around a certain product. While this may seem silly or unnecessary to some, effectively setting the scene can go a long way in attracting impulse purchases. By illustrating a realistic scenario featuring your product, the customer can visualise how they will use or wear your merchandise in a positive, relatable, aspirational setting.

As well as this, it is a good idea to ensure your mannequins have a sense of individuality, style and personality that’s in-keeping with your store and its merchandise (without going overboard, of course). By combining certain items into an outfit, and showing the shoppers exactly how to wear your products in a particular setting, you are once again capturing their imaginations and increasing the chances of a new customer entering your store.

Use Lighting

Quality and effective lighting is a fundamental principle of designing window displays. Thankfully, the possibilities are endless!

Decorative lighting is a popular component of creative window displays. This method of lighting is as much about the light fixture as it is about the lighting itself. Chandeliers, unique light shades or custom-designed fixtures are all forms of decorative lighting and can work to add light and ‘set the scene’ in any window display. An intricate crystal chandelier might create the perfect atmosphere for a formal-dress window, while low hanging, exposed bulbs can add a touch of rustic rawness to a contemporary denim or sneaker window display.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to create a minimalistic scene with maximum emphasis on the product, accent lighting is what you’re after. As the name suggests, accent lighting is all about accentuating a feature or product, without drawing attention to the light fixture. Some examples include:

Ideas for Fashion Retailers

As mentioned above, different stores require different styles of window display arrangements. The good news is there are a range of helpful tools available that make building an engaging display easy. Below are some ideas for your fashion display designs:

  •  Shoes – a great idea when displaying shoes (which can be used with many other items) is to use a box as a pedestal, to showcase it at a higher level than the floor. The use of hooks or even shoe racks can also work when the items are not paired with a mannequin.
  •  Purses – employ the use of a mannequin, and position it in such a manner that it seems to be stylishly wearing the bag. If a mannequin isn’t available, tall blocks or a system of different sized shelves is also an effective and interesting way of displaying a purse.
  • Outerwear – a good idea to showcasing outerwear is actually getting a pair of mannequins and positioning them in such a way that one highlights the front of the piece and the other highlights the back. This is especially useful for products with distinct details that might catch a shopper’s eye.
  • Jewellery – mannequins are again a great way of showcasing the detail of jewellery and also a pretty effective method of showing how great a piece would look with a particular outfit.
  • Formal wear – like with most forms of clothing, mannequins are the most effective way of highlighting the benefits of a piece of formal wear, but here it is really important to set the lighting in an evocative tone that reflects the mood of a fancy event or occasion.

Whether you’re trying to sell lawnmowers or designer jewellery, an effective window display is one of the many tools you can use to engage with and attract a new and existing customers. Rather than treating this part of your store as an afterthought, harness your creativity and challenge yourself to create one awe-inspiring window display after another.