How to Choose the Right Retail Shelving For Your Business

Retail shelving is an inevitable aspect of merchandising. While choosing the right shelving allows you to improve visual interest and customer engagement, inappropriate shelving systems can affect your in-store traffic and conversions.

But with an overwhelming spectrum of choices out there, how do you go about choosing the shelving that works best for your retail environment?

We have gathered some key considerations that will help make your decision easier.

Consider the products you sell

When it comes to shop fittings, the choices are countless. Different types serve different purposes. Some are designed for lightweight merchandise such as bulk racks and clipless shelves while some are suited for heavy-duty applications such as gondola shelving. It is important to consider the type of merchandise you sell in order to select the storage and display units for retail store.

Here’s are common shop shelving types you can choose from to meet your retail display and storage needs:

➣  Wire Shelving


Wire shelving systems provide an effective yet flexible way to store and display merchandise thus fit as a suitable display solution in a broad range of retail applications, particularly in retail stores with limited displace space.

Not only can wire shelving fixtures hold heavy weight of bulky merchandise but they can also add a bit of industrial look to your retail display complementing your merchandise. The best part about wire fixtures is that they are open allowing the air and light to pass through, which is a key concern when storing electronics and pharmaceutical items.

➣  Gondola Units

Gondola-ShelvingConsidered the shelving king of the retail industry, gondola shelving are freestanding units that come with the sleek, refined look of slat walls but with added sturdiness and durability. These units fit in just about any configuration and are easy to install and break down, allowing for quick and hassle-free display changes and upgrades.

For enhanced storage and display, gondola shelving units are often used in combination with endcaps placed at the ends of these shelving systems.

Gondola units can be used to display a variety of merchandise inducing apparels, personal grooming products, pharmaceutical products, toiletries and more.

➣  Table Displays

Glass Display Cabinet


Typically used to highlighted items on sale or new arrivals, table displays are located around a prominent spot in the store such as at the entry or along the aisles of the store.


➣  Glass/Acrylic Cases

Display Cases For Sale

Tampered glass shelves, cabinets, counters and other glass fixtures are perfect to display merchandise like liquor, clothing and antiques and jewellery. Being sturdy and durable under normal use, lockable cabinets and counters make for great safety along with high visibility.

Comparatively lighter in weight and more durable than glass storage fixtures, acrylic shelves and cabinets allow customers to view products on display from a variety of angles.

Besides these common shelving systems, pegboard displays, hangers, counter spinners, floor spinners and wire displays are some additional display fixtures that are commonly used to showcase fashion accessories, dresses, pants, suits, candy, nuts and other light weight items.

What’s your niche, anyway?

Besides the type of shelving solutions, you must the aesthetics too. This may not be an essential consideration in a factory or warehouse business, but in a retail store that incorporates product displays, the style of shelving systems can help create a certain image, impression of the company.

What retail business are you in? Do you sell jewellery or clothing? Footwear or Confectioneries? What kind of products you sell and customers you serve will affect the style of shelving that you choose for your retail store. For example, if you sell antiques and want to bring in a vintage feel in your retail store, you can opt for wood or plastic displays. If you run a contemporary jewellery store, glass shelving with good lighting will make better displays than rustic wood or metal shelving.

Choosing the shelving style based on the theme of your store will go a long way to create the right impression of your store for your customers.

Make sure it fits your retail space

A good shelving system should allow you to use the available space in your store in the best way possible. If you have a small store with limited floor space, you may not want to invest in bulky gondola shelving.

Rather, you could opt for wall slats and floating shelves to occupy minimum floor space while displaying your merchandise in an organised manner. Large retail stores with sufficient floor area for displays, on the other hand, can utilise heavy duty shelving systems like gondola units and outrigger shelves.

Make sure the shelving solutions you pick for your retail store help you create organise and display your merchandise effectively without overwhelming the available space.

Let In-Store Navigation Affect Your Shelving Choice

The appealing displays, optimal shelving systems and placement of merchandise on shelves and displays; it all boils down to creating a seamless customer experience.

While choosing your shelving units, you need to consider how the shelving and displays would affect in-store navigation. Remember that a confusing, cluttered layout can persuade your customers to leave while a setting that allows customers to shop in comfort can encourage them to buy more than they intended to and visit again in the future.

Moreover, it’s not just your customers that should be able to easily navigate around displays and browse merchandise but your employees must also have easy access to the entire in-store area without shelving systems getting in the way. Think about whether the selected shelving units will fit in your space properly and allow for easy traffic flow.

The Final Word

With all these considerations in mind, you will be able to choose shelving systems that present your merchandise to the customers in an efficient way. You will boost your in-store layout, customer engagement and overall retail productivity.

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