Improve the Customer Service of Your Retail Employees to Increase Your Sales

The competitive prices, availability of product info, and ease of shopping online have made it easier for consumers to walk if traditional stores can’t deliver. In response, bricks and mortar retailers need to be more vigilant than ever en

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How to Effectively Utilise Store Displays

When it comes to retail businesses, the products you’re selling are an obvious key component, but it’s also important to not forget the way in which you display your products to a customer. This can make all the difference between cu

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Applying Colour Psychology in a Retail Environment

Colour plays an extremely important part in human behaviour and emotion, although a lot of the time this can be subconscious. For that reason, understanding colour psychology can have real consequences and outcomes when it comes to your business

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How to Improve Your Retail Signage to Drive Sales

If you’re feeling as though your retail signage is costing you customers, you’re probably right. You could ask strangers to give you feedback – “Does my sign encourage you to come in?” - or you could just ask yourself the same question

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Stop, Thief! How to Beat the Retail Cheats at their Own Game

Bricks-and-mortar retailers face tough terrain in the current commercial landscape. Not only are they competing with the growing popularity of online retailers, they’re also required to make sure that stock is handled properly. To make matters wors

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How Music Can Put Your Customers in the Mood to Buy

In recent decades, there’s been a lot of talk about the profound effects of background music on consumer behaviour. Indeed, creating the right ambience in your store can mean the difference between steady sales and having customers duck in to g

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A Guide to Using Mannequins in Retail


Visual merchandising is an extremely important part of any retail business. In the fashion space, the mannequin has been used for centuries in visual merchandising strategies, and it continues to be an effective way to promote your wares. The

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10 Trends That Changed the Face of Retail in 2014

10 trends that changed the face

  As consumers become savvier and use multiple shopping channels to make more informed purchasing decisions, retailers have also adopted new strategies to engage shoppers in more personalised and relevant ways across a variety of channels

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Designing Your Window Display – 20 Ways to Stand Out from Your Competition


If you own a retail store, there’s no better way to catch people’s attention and drive foot traffic to your store than by designing a unique and memorable window display. This will also help you stand out from your competition and increase your s

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A Buying Guide to Gondola Shelves

In the fabulous world of retail, a gondola is a type of display unit. It is designed to be attractive, and is generally freestanding although there are lots of other versions available. If you've walked into a store with a gondola before, you're like

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