The Cost of not Refitting

As a small business owner and operator, cash flow is always the first thing to consider when it comes to spending money. Capital expenditure, which has to be depreciated over a few years, requires careful thought and is generally a major expense.

But what if it paid itself off in a very short time?

What if you could recover the outlay in 12 months from increased sales, would it be an easier decision?

What if it increased the value of your business at the same time? And what if you improved the customer experience, for your clientel?

You may also be surprised how little a new shelving refit in your liquor store may cost.

Over the last 10 years or so, the manufacturing costs, raw materials in China, have decreased, while competition has increased. This has been slightly offset with increased labour costs but overall, there is a much higher quality product available at a very affordable price.

Add this altogether with the option of renting or leasing your fitout and the numbers become very attractive, and there may be no upfront cost, with a tax deductible monthly charge. Of course, you will need to speak to your accountant, but even the most conservative bean counter would explore an investment that paid for itself in a short time, whilst ticking all the above boxes.

You may be able to get assistance from your suppliers for the capital outlay if they can see the potential to increase sales of their products.

Shelving Systems can provide a quality shelving system, design specifically for the liquor industry, from stock in most cases, at a very affordable price.

We can help you with layout, design, installation and promotional products.

Do not let the value of your business decline or your customers go to a competitor, when something so simple could ensure your future.