Shelving Innovation

Metal retail shelving has been largely unchanged for 50 years, in terms of innovation until recently.

We have seen the introduction of LED shelf Lighting, that highlights the product and also can light the data strip on the front edge of the shelf. This has demonstrated an increase in product sales by more than 20% when that shelf is lit using LED shelf Lighting.

Additionally, you can achieve electricity cost reductions by reducing your ceiling lighting and moving the store lighting to the shelves. LED is the most efficient form of lighting and is incredibly cheap compared to more traditional types of lighting commonly used in the ceiling.

We have also seen LED technology used to highlight or promote products. There are various forms of these and multiple styles available. Most commonly supplied by the supplier of the product, they might sit next to the product on the shelf or clip over the front of the shelf, and can be motioned censored to come on when a customer walks past. Again, this type of promotion method has a dramatic effect on product sales

More recently we have seen the development of electronic Shelf Labels, and having recently travelled to Euroshop in Germany, which is the world’s biggest trade fair in the shop fittings industry. I can tell you that what was once extremely expensive and complicated to set up, is not very cost effective and simple to install now. The benefits and efficiencies this product delivers provides ROI in little more than 12 months, considering labour cost, price efficiencies and register discrepancies. I believe this product will be seen widely used in the Australian market in the near future, especially when the take up in Europe has been dramatic.

There has also been much development in Product facing, using pushers or gravity to keep the shelves look full. Roller systems have been gaining momentum as the cost of manufacturing has dropped, making this product much more widely used.

The latest innovation in this area, as a product recently trialed by Shelving Systems and now on the way, is a grooved panel that clips together and sits on the shelf through a front and rear channel locking it in place. This system has no moving parts and relies on the frictionless groove section to slide the product gently forward. It is cheaper than the roller system and much easier to clean. Perfect for the liquor industry.

There are also numerous little clips, magnets, shelf talkers and signs that enhance the appearance and increase your sales available through Shelving Systems

We attend many international trade fairs and have a wide network of international suppliers, which allows us to have a constant flow of new innovative products that will increase your bottom line