The Cool Room

For years, the bottle shop cool room has been somewhere you walk into, knowing what you want, grab it and get out of there.

What a wasted opportunity this has been.

Recently, we have seen some improvements in cool room fixtures themselves, shelf management and Product promotion.

Your cool room could actually be a destination for your customers, giving them an experience, taking their time looking, picking and choosing, and it doesn’t take that much to achieve this.

If you go to some of the newer Dan Murphys, it’s easy to see that they have realised that this space was underutilised and there is a vast improvement.

So where do you start?

Step1. Update the fixturing is step one. Your coolroom is probably not that big, so the cost of doing this is quite small. Shelving Systems are ready to help you, so call us to discuss the best way to go.

Step 2. Improve the product layout. Make it less about stack slabs of beer on the floor and replicate your shop floor. You could make it look less crammed and more spacious, simply by presenting it better.

Step 3. Ask you suppliers to help with product promotions and presentation. You could even ask them for financial assistance with the capital outlay.

In these three easy steps you could increase your sales, improve your business appearance, improve your customer experience and add value.

We are the experts and are here to help you. Don’t waste the opportunity to maximize every square inch in your business.